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We are pleased to offer a selection of Diesel particulate filters (Dpf) & Exhaust silencer (Scr) products and services.

If we cannot service your dpf, Exhaust, scr filter there will be no charge.

 Volvo & Renault Euro 6 dpf doc & scr cleaning available today.

All models & years cleaned

Does your euro 6 have a turbo seal failure and has it contaminated your dpf and scr exhaust unit.

Do not worry here at Doctor Dpf we can help you save ££££ compared to buying a new exhaust off the dealer. We can service clean your unit to get you back on the road fast.

Call us today on 01902 219395 to book yours in.

All our units come with an 12 month warranty.prices start at £1499.99 on a complete unit depending upon the problems.

We also offer the Diesel particulate filter (dpf) Cleaning service when took out of the unit and sent to us separate

Prices start at £349.99 excl vat & collection/ delivery charges.

Volvo Euro 5 fh fm Part numbers  20920705  20920600

20579347  20920708 &  20920622

Years 2008-2014

Scr units available today with brand new Catalyst substrates fitted

Call us today to order on 01902 219395

Volvo Euro 5 scr's these units are fully disassembled, inspected and have new foiled catalyst substrates fitted in them and re assembled.

They come with 12 months warranty so buy with confidence

Compared to brand new aftermarket £1800.00 rrp 

Other part numbers are available to take away.

Price: £849.99 excl vat & delivery costs.

Volvo Fh, Fm Euro 4 & 5 exhausts, scr units for sale

Example Part numbers 20920705, 2084953, 20945148

Also Renault scr units available including kerax and premium Euro 5.

If you cannot find your part number please scroll to the bottom of this page to see reference picture.

1x Volvo fh fm oem euro 5 scr unit that as been fully dissasembled inspected the substrates are fully cleaned and the scr is re assembled.

All our units come with 6 months warranty.

This price includes taking in your old unit as a part exchange if not avaliable there will be an £100.00 surcharge on the price advertised.

Prices from : £549.99 Excluding vat & delivery costs.

Volvo & Renault Euro 4 & 5 exhaust scr cleaning available today

All part numbers & years cleaned

Book your scr unit in today with Doctor Dpf for a clean today.

Your scr unit will be fully cleaned by disassembling removing the substrates, catalysts and then re assembling.

All units are Fully cleaned and blockages including oil contamination will be removed.

All our units come with 6 months warranty.

    Price: £549.99 Excluding vat and delivery.

    Volvo Euro 5 Bus B9 B12 2006 on wards scr, Exhausts cleaned Today.

    Oem Part Number example 20703415

    All Volvo Euro 5 bus B9 B12 2006 onward scr units cleaned today.

    Prices from only £549.99 excl vat and Delivery costs.

    Volvo Dennis Eagle Euro 5 exhaust,scr's Cleaned and for sale.

    Oem Part number's Volvo 21058533 & 21583715  21058558

    21583425, 20945148,2153432 & 2090557

    All Volvo Euro 5 Fe FL B7 Exhaust Scr's we offer a cleaning service of your unit only

    We also offer an replacement unit to take away today that are fitted with brand new substrates that come with 12 months warranty for only £749.99 exc vat 

    Saving you ££ compared to dealer prices.

    Prices start from only £549.99 Excl vat and delivery costs.

    Volvo & mack D13 Euro 5 2008- 2013 cleaning services. 

    D13 p/no 383555

    Does your volvo / mack D13 need cleaning, servicing do you have loss of boost pressure we can help we can get you back on the road fast from only £499.99  exc vat 

    Price: £499.99 Exc vat & Courier costs.

    Daf cf & xf Euro 5 exhaust scr replacement filter fitting service 

    As your daf unit been with oil blown a turbo? Melted your substrates or they have broken down we can help.

    We will take your exhaust in and replace brand new foiled substrate/filters inside change any lagging and your exhaust will be as good as new without the retail price.

    (please note does not come with cover picture for reference only)

    All the units come with 12 months warranty so buy with confidence today. 

    Price: £1199.99 excl vat and delivery costs.

    Daf LF45 LF55 / CF55CF 65 exhausts, scr cleaning available today

    All years and part numbers 

    Cleaning service avaliable today on your daf LF or CF Exhaust your unit will be disassembled blockages moved cleaned and then re assembled to get you back on the road.

    Prices start at £499.99 excl vat and delivery costs.

    Daf XF95 XF105 & CF85 Exhaust cleaning available today.

    Part number ex: Daf 1747245

    Daf exhaust scr cleaning servicing available today saving you £££ against a new unit off the dealer. We can get you back on the road within 2 days excluding delivery times.

    Prices from only £499.99 Excluding Vat & delivery costs

    Mercedes axor & actros Euro 5 & 6 exhausts/ scr's cleaned today.

    All part numbers and years cleaned today 

    Do you have lack of boast pressure as your scr blocked up we can help we offer a cleaning service price depends on the cleaning process required please give us a call on 01902 219395

    Picture is for reference only.

    We offer a next day delivery service from only £35.00

    Prices start at £699.99 exc vat 

    Man Euro 6 dpf,doc and scr exhaust silencer cleaning services

    Prices start at only £299.99 for an dpf clean only other prices depend upon issues and what work needs to be carried out on the system.

    Man Euro 6 tgx tgs part numbers include: 811.51036.125   

    811.51036.115     811.51030.107.

    We can clean your blocked high back pressure unit including the Diesel particulate filters,Doc's and the scr system without having to buy new to help you get back on the road fast.

    Prices start at £299.99 for an dpf clean only.

    MAN TGA TGS TGX Exhaust silencers cleaned 

    MAN tga tgs tgx scr units cleaned today

    • Standard Inspection and Regular maintenance clean
    • Deep clean for blocked SCR
    • Thermal lagging for improved SCR performance
    • The item will be fully cleaned.
    • If the catalytic converter is contaminated with oils and carbons the price is the £599.99
    • if the unit is contaminated with any other substance or foreign body's the cost can increase
    • work carried out within two working days

    Prices start from £499.99 Excluding vat & delivery costs


    Man Tgm Tgl exhaust silencer units cleaned, serviced

    Ready in one working day from drop off come with a three month warranty given.


    Price: £349.99 Excluding vat and delivery costs

    Cummins Aftermarket Dpf & Scr Exhaust cleaning services

    Example part numbers ASM PN A043A318 / 5307192 & 73132157116

    Cummins aftermarket Dpf & Scr Exhaust cleaning services oil contiminated units not a problem.We offer a one to two day turnaround to get you back up a running fast.

    Prices From: £499.99 Excluding vat a Delivery Costs

    Caterpillar plant, Crane cat diesel particulate filters cleaned, serviced.

    One example Part number: 358-3662

    Plant Diesel particulate filters cleaned caterpillar send your dpf off to us and we will clean in one working day

    excluding delivery times.

    Price: £249.99 Excluding vat & Delivery costs.

    Liebherr plant Diesel Particulate filter cleaning 

    Example part numbers: 10130547 and 32 72 7004 0.0

    This item will be fully cleaned oil contaminated dpf's are not a problem upon drop off we will fully clean your dpf and will be back with you in two working days.

    Price: £249.99 Excluding vat & Delivery costs

    Mitsubishi canter inc Fuso lorry, truck Catalyst, Exhaust, scr cleaning

    One working day turnaround to get you back on the road fast.

    Mitsubishi canter including fuso scr cleaning available today.This item will be full, cleaned, and unblocked.

    Price: £249.99 Excluding vat & Delivery costs.

    Hitachi & Isuzu plant diesel particulate filter cleaning available today

    Example part number: 89818586 

    This item will be fully cleaned and unblocked.Oil contamination is not a problem.

    Call to book your diesel particulate filter in today with us for a one working day turnaround. To get you back, up, and running fast.

    Prices from: £124.99 Excluding vat & delivery costs 

    Diesel particulate filter (Dpf filter) turbo failure,oil contimination cleaning 

    All makes & models of car and commercial dpfs cleaned

    As your Diesel particulate filter had an turbo go and you have oil contimation in your dpf filter we can help we offer an heat treatment service where we can get your filter fully cleaned with all oil contimination removed at an fraction of the price compared to buying an new one from the dealer.

    We can help you get back on the road fast without the extra costs.

    Price £250.00 exc vat 

    Car & commercial Diesel particulate filter cleaning (Dpf)

    All models and makes 

    Have you lost boost pressure is your car lagging have you had the dpf light come on we can help.

    We offer an diesel particulate filter cleaning service the dpf will need to be removed off the vehicle first and then dropped in to us. We use various methods to clean the substrate depending upon the condition (we do not use chemicals) your dpf will be ready to collect in one working day. 

    (please note we do not take off the cars or offer an forced regeneration)

    If we cannot clean your dpf filter there is no charge for any work carried out 

    Prices start at £99.99 exc vat 

    Wanted Euro 6 Volvo & Renault exhaust scr silencer units 

    Good rates of pay paid today 

    We buy spent units any condition considered.

    We can collect same day please call us on 01902 219395 today 

    poa / Price depends upon condition must have filters, substrates inside thank you.

    Volvo & Renault Euro 5 scr unit.

    Part Number Location.

    Part number Location.

    To all our customers the part number location can be a pain to find so here is a reference picture to help.

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